About Legal Services QASSP

The Queensland Association of State School Principals (QASSP) has partnered with Ferguson Cannon Lawyers to provide QASSP members with legal services, tailored to meet the needs of school leaders. The service is known as Legal Services QASSP (LSQ).

The LSQ service is available to all members of QASSP and its Affiliated Associations who become members of LSQ by paying an annual fee to QASSP.

The LSQ service provides a number of free legal services to its members. All LSQ Members are entitled to a free initial consultation, regardless of the nature of their legal query. There is no limit on the number of initial consultations a LSQ Member can have in any year, provided that each initial consultation is in relation to a different matter.

The free legal services extend to both civil and criminal matters provided that they arise out of the course of a LSQ Member’s employment, for example:QASSP-Logo

  • Investigations in to disciplinary matters
  • Employment conditions i.e. workers compensation etc
  • Complaint or allegation by a parent, student, staff member, employer or concerned member of the community
  • Accident involving a student or a staff member
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Defamation
  • Assault allegations
  • Police investigations

LSQ Members receive free assistance to prepare applications for indemnity and legal assistance from the State of Queensland and any additional legal support reasonably required prior to indemnity being granted.

Most school leaders are unlikely to be subject to defamation or police investigations, rather, issues arise from complaints or allegations made by a parent, student, staff member, employer or concerned member of the community

Ferguson Cannon Lawyers facilitates a free dispute resolution services for all LSQ Members as the first step in resolving any dispute for LSQ Members, provided it’s appropriate to do so under the circumstances.

If after attending an initial consultation and, if appropriate, participating in a form of dispute resolution, it is necessary to take the matter further, Ferguson Cannon Lawyers will provide legal services as follows:

  • On a speculative basis, which is essentially a “no win, no fee” policy; OR
  • At the rate of 70% of the solicitor’s normal charge out rate.

The solicitor’s charge out rate will depend on the nature and complexity of the matter, as well the solicitor’s level of seniority. In addition to the services outlined above, LSQ Members may have their Wills drafted or have a letter issued on their behalf, free of charge.

Ferguson Cannon Lawyers also has a number of blogs which LSQ Members access and use as an educational tool. Ferguson Cannon Lawyers provides LSQ Members with access to webinars on issues topical to educators and access to their newsletter which is issued on a quarterly basis.